Please find below our policies and procedures, which are reviewed annually to accommodate new legislation or a change in practise.  Printed copies are available on request.

1 . Main Policies

1.00 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy & Procedure 
1.01 Privacy Notice
1.02 Uncollected Child
1.03 Missing Child


Administering MedicinesMedicine Form

Medical Plan Template

1.051.05a Managing Children Who are Sick, Infectious, or AllergiesAllergy Care Plan
1.06 Making a Complaint
1.07 Use of Mobile Phones and Cameras
1.08 Information Sharing
1.09 Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation
1.101.11 Use of TapestrySettling in Policy

2. Keeping Children Safe

2.00 Children’s rights and entitlements
 2.01 Looked After Child
 2.022.02a EmploymentSC2 Form
 2.03 Induction of Staff and Long Term Volunteers
 2.03a  Induction of staff checklist
 2.04 Student Placements
  2.04a Induction of Students Checklist
 2.05  The Role of The Key Person
 2.06  Staffing
 2.07  Disciplinary policy
 2.08  Grievance Procedure
2.09  Achieving Positive Behaviour
 2.10  Prevent duty policy

3 . Health and Safety

 3.00 First Aid
 3.01 Recording and Reporting Accidents
 3.02 Nappy changing
 3.03 Food and Drink
 3.04 Food Hygiene
 3.05 Health & Safety General Standards
 3.06 Maintaining Children’s Safety and Security on Premises
 3.07 Supervision of Children on Outings and Visits
 3.08 Risk Assessment
 3.08a Health & Safety Risk Assessment Template
 3.08b Daily checklist
 3.08c  Fire safety risk assessment template
 3.09  Animals in the Setting
 3.10 Alcohol, Substance Misuse & No Smoking

4 . Equality

4.00 Valuing Diversity and Promoting Equality
 4.01 Supporting Children with Special Education Needs

5 . Setting

5.00 Admissions
 5.01 Parental Involvement
 5.02 Children’s Records
 5.03 Provider Records
 5.04 Transfer and Transition to Primary School
 5.05 Confidentiality and Client Access to Records
 5.06 Working in Partnership with Other Agencies
 5.07 Social Networking
 5.08 Early Years Pupil Premium

6. Other

6.0  Whistleblowing
6.01  Anti Bullying Policy
6.02 Adverse Weather Policy