xxxFrequently Asked Questions NOT IN USE

What is the procedure when it snows? We will contact you by 8am wherever possible to advise if the preschool is open should adverse weather but please also check Facebook for regular updates.  Please see our adverse weather policy here.

How do I update my contact details with you?  Should you move house or change email address/phone number please let the Preschool Manager know as soon as possible, we may need to contact you at any time so it is important this information is up to date.

Can someone else pick up my child from Preschool?  Yes absolutely, however we would need your permission to do this so please advise us as to who will be collecting.  Please then ensure that the person collecting knows the password you will have given us for such an event.

If my child has vomited or had diahorrea when can they come back to Preschool?  We would expect you to keep your child away from Preschool for 48 hours after the last episode to help us manage the risk of further infection.

What clothing should my child bring in their bag? Please ensure your child has slippers with them so they are comfortable inside our Preschool.  Please also ensure coats, hats, gloves etc are packed when the weather is wet and/or cold.

Is there anything I shouldn’t pack in my child’s packed lunch?  Please never pack anything in the lunch box that contains nuts in case a child has an allergy.